Thursday, October 9, 2008

What is your idea of mastery?

Another question from Twyla Tharp's "Creative Autobiography" list given to my Variable Topics in Drawing students in 10 minutes:
1. getting to the place where you know risk-taking is essential, though still not easy
2. knowing the direction and committing to going there
3. getting to a point in your work where you understand your basic questions and, regardless of how the work changes and evolves, being able to amplify those questions--delve deeper
4. being on a long-term trajectory and sticking to it--again, regardless of how the work evolves and changes
5. being able to recognize moments of grace in the studio, having moments of grace?
6. surety without complacence or stasis
7. being able to somehow rest in the magnitude of the pursuit without being overwhelmed or deterred
8. deep, deep delight in making--deep, visceral delight in making coupled with the uncanny feeling at times of the material moving of its own accord--of you just being the vehicle (see #5 again)

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