Sunday, October 5, 2008

Inspiration at home...

As of late, weekends are not a big time for studio work in our two artist household due to an active three year old who no longer naps. While I used to dread the eventual demise of nap/weekend afternoon studio work, I've decided longing for what is no longer is simply not productive. In actuality, our recent move to the country has yielded a plethora of outdoor inspiration, and I'm just trying to keep my senses open to the constant evolution of textures, amassing, repetitions and chaotic/natural modes of ordering.

For one, my husband recently planted two large areas of buckwheat in what will be our vegetable gardens come spring/summer. Supposedly the buckwheat, when turned into the soil at the end of the season, will enrich our land even more--a good prelude to the veggies we hope to cultivate. I love the expanse of tear drop leaves cropping up with more green force each day.

To the left of the buckwheat shoots is our ever-growing stick pile--kindling for the fires we three all long for as the evenings cool.

And lastly, a shot of our first barrel of collected black walnuts--now full. We'll begin filling another tomorrow afternoon and then wait for them to rot. Already some of those turning deep, deep brown indicate the rich black walnut ink we'll be rewarded with after our wait. I'm already thinking of the drawings that will be made with this eventual ink from our own back yard.

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