Monday, June 22, 2009

That blue/this green

Now that the EUC project is finished, I am at home, beginning the renovation of my studio here.

I am pleased as I've been fortunate to have a studio at home for four of the last five years--I work a lot better when the route out to my studio is dappled with bits of color and consideration such as these--the bluest, most lovely old-fashioned hydrangea blooms set off by my grandmother's ironstone pitcher.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Taking a painting apart (2)/EUC Installation

A couple possibilities:
1. a painting disassembled and strewn apart
2. a painting sinking into the wall, wall swallowing parts of it and allowing other parts to appear, surface, rest on top
3. painting turning into drawing turning into collage
4. line in painting in drawing in collage
5. line on the wall, pinned to the all, resting on the wall--actual and/or illusion
6. a painting--part here, and then part over there

Taking a painting apart (1)/EUC Installation

(The very first image shows a view of almost the entire show.)

Beginning with the second image--my portion.

Bryan Ellis 2/Shelf

In the final days of our work together, Bryan and I assessed an expanse of the gallery too big to leave empty and too small to overwhelm with large images/pieces. Running to the left of my large wall painting/drawing, the breadth of wall and proximity to my work seemed to call from something from Bryan. He mentioned some little sculptures in his studio and the next day brought this little shelf and the blue one below in...I love them--their oddness and awkwardness draw me in.

Bryan doesn't typically show these--hopefully seeing them up will change that tendency.

Bryan Ellis

The installation in the EUC Gallery is finished--I'll post more images soon, but for today...a sculpture of Bryan's I adore.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009