Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Eva Hesse Spectres

I've never seen this image of Eva Hesse's before--it's from a show at the Hammer Museum in LA.

I don't think I'd be who I am without Eva Hesse's work. 

It is wonderful to be confronted with something truly amazing and indescribable--I feel the fullness of living when I see images like the above.

Eva Hesse, 20"x20", oil on canvas, 1960

Tamra Hunt and Lauren Lopez (top image is Tamra's, bottom image is Lauren's...)

The Womens' Abstract Painters Group, Climax, North Carolina

Since August, I've been meeting monthly with two former student, who also happen to be wonderful abstract painters and wonderful women.  Tamra Hunt and Lauren Lopez bring their work from the month to my studio for viewing and discussion.  Both are amazing, and I anticipate great things as they continue developing their painting language.  Here are a couple views from our meeting this month.

Dots/found painting

Last week (in the middle of the night no less) the massive mirror in our bathroom fell off of the wall.  I cannot begin to describe the surreal reality of being jolted out of sleep by a sound both monumentally piercing and instantaneous.  I also cannot adequately describe the experience of opening the bathroom door to a room bathed in shards of glass.

There is little good about the experience really--save for the fact that I find the rather large, now-revealed dollops of obviously ineffective glue on our wall interesting aesthetically and materially.  I like the idea of a painting buried in the fabric of domestic life.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Half-eaten line, cobbled together

I made some long black lines on paper awhile back--they've been hanging on the wall as my original intents for them changed and I had no need for them yet.  But the other day, I took them down and discovered one of them had been eaten--from the bottom.  I saw no trace of the insect, save some iridescent trails along the back of the paper.  I know ultimately this is not a good thing at all from a practical paper-filled studio standpoint, but of course I love the half-eaten line.

In the studio...

The very beginnings of a wall collage.