Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Positing Note-ing

1. I am an inveterate note taker, fascinated with accumulating the incidental.

2. If I record all momentary flash of thought, will I better understand what I am doing, what I am making?

3. Can those bit and pieces--a word, phrase, fragment of a whole--when gathered, approximate/better approach the fullness of my thinking chaos?

4. And then what if all those leaves of letters (when compiled) DO comprise something more. Enough. More than
enough even. More than the initially perceived whole? Part of me really wants the fragment to yield MORE than the whole in the end--because such a result leaves POSSIBILITY in play, wide open?

5. And then what if I cut all the notes apart and begin to construct an overarching structure/construct/scroll-in-a-sense piling all--allowing phrase to bump up against quote in relation to question above or below singular verb and/or noun---all different hands from different times, collapsed and in relation nonetheless?

6. "It is in rereading one's notebooks, especially the old ones, that one discovers the repetition of certain concerns, the recurrence of certain issues, certain chronic themes that are one's own." Lyn Hejinian, from A Thought Is the Bride of What Thinking

7. I am interested in a word corollary (a veritable deluge of letters) to my images--not description, not justification, not in-place-of. But a corollary. If these images were not images, but words, what words would they BE, and in what order?

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