Friday, October 31, 2008

Collage on my shoulder

The little shape hovering above my shoulder is a recent collage--and when I view it here, away from the studio, I am reminded of its making:

1. working away and suddenly sensing, hmmmmm, this is not what I expected, it's MORE than what I expected.

2. "What is this? (May I never get to the point of knowing.)"

3. "Am I the lucky one who really gets to make this THING?"

4. I really, really want to kind-of-connect the black lines that hover about the edge, and that longing is rather inane but still desired.

5. I had no idea I could expect THIS to exist.

6. What?

7. "Let me just enjoy making this and let me prolong its making to savor the potential of what might appear."

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