Friday, October 16, 2009

This week #1

My son was sick for much of the week (he is much better now) so there is little news in the studio.  I've spent most of my days inside the house with him.  We are assuredly in Fall now; I think we've closed the windows until Spring, and I've pulled out the heavier blankets.  I also spent moments here and there cooking apples for applesauce--I made and froze 13 quarts!!!  I feel quite honored to have inherited the applesauce maker/sieve (silver, old, with a turning handle) my grandfather used to make applesauce in the few years after my grandmother died.

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Ellen Campbell said...

I am glad you are using Nana and Papa's food mill. Much good sauce has been pushed through that sieve! p.s. Nana also used to "rice" potatoes in with her Foley (Food Mill).