Sunday, October 25, 2009


After yesterday's walk, I returned to the studio and ended up working back into the center section of this collage.  Now that I know the basic size and expanse, I feel like I can take some time to strengthen some of the interior parts.  The thought is to build these up with a degree of fastidiousness and then contrast the small moves with larger, broader, clumsier shapes in other areas.
As always color is key to me, but increasingly I see that arriving at a certain structure--an ordering, or almost ordering of chaotic building--is important.
On my walks in the woods I marvel at the order apparent in a world where things are perpetually falling--leaves and trees.

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Ellen Campbell said...

I am surprised that your Georgia scene of leaves falling is not unlike what I see here in PA. We have more yellow, it seems. I thought it would still be green in the South.