Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A very pointed view of the world at 7:38pm, last evening

I love watching my son take pictures.

Last evening, just prior to bed, he asked me to turn the camera on for him as he wanted to take a couple pictures.

He took a picture of the screen on our window, the letter magnets on our fridge, a lot of the dog, me drinking a glass of water. And then I watched him open up the microwave so he could take a picture of its inside.

That's what you see here, in the second image--the inside of our microwave. All this happened at about 7:38pm; he took a picture of the clock too.

Alexander's picture making bonanza occurred after a slew of sock-it-to-your-mom-the-supposed-artist moments. While I was making dinner he wandered into the kitchen with three just-made drawings; on each page was a string of his letters (which are a brilliant conglomeration of "accurate" letters and letters Alex has made up on the path toward learning his letters). Each drawing/string of letters was the name of a lost dog.

Every artist needs a four year old child to talk to with frequency.


Ellen Campbell said...

and so do I...need a four year old to talk to!

robertsoup said...

he inherits his visual flair honestly. it's neat to hear how he is so clearly comfortable expressing himself this way.