Thursday, September 3, 2009

Endlessness and studio time

Because my employer gave me a leave of absence to work in my studio full time for four months, I've recently been incredibly blessed to enter a wonderful space of thinking and making.

Today while painting, I realized (while painting) that I was just painting. My mind was painting too--what I mean is that I had no monologue-that-sounds-vaguely-like-myself-teaching (or worse, one of my colleagues teaching me!) running through my head the whole time.

I looked at the painting on the desk in front of me--a pretty weird, nonsensical looking thing that quite frankly, may not be so great. In fact, the painting very well may be a terrible painting. I'm not sure.

What interested me, at the moment, was the transparency of the paint, and how long it took for my loaded brush to start leaving trails of transparent paint. Learning how many marks must leave that particular brush before I could make the barest haze of a mark was/is important.

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