Monday, September 28, 2009


When I was a beginning undergraduate student, I naturally contended with my share of art assignments.  I was never overly bothered by assignments in art class.  My self-challenge, when given a directed project to complete, was always to figure out how I might interpret the directives in a way I'd find interesting, challenging and absorbing.  Invariably, the task required focus and a willingness to make some circuitous translations of the given assignment's seeming requirements.  I knew an idea or solution was good if I was afraid to begin, nervous to put the idea in motion and/or supremely hesitant to see what would transpire.  If I felt afraid, or restless, or worried (or tempted to come up with a safer idea) then I knew I HAD to carry on with my initial impulse.

I recall these feelings now, because I've cleared the long wall in my studio--readying it for the next painting/collage/installation.  I believe I know the elements of the painting--this last month has been a guide.  I feel restless though.  I'm not going to write any more about it--idea-wise that is...  But I've brewed my second cup of tea,
posted to this blog,
checked email,
emptied the dishwasher and
swept the studio floor. 
I've just got to get going.

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