Thursday, November 6, 2008

Why I do what I do (the fun answer)

1. I love being alone.
2. While alone, I love being surrounded by a plethora of tubes of paint, containers of colorful ink, piles of paint brushes, an infinite assortment of paper scraps, art books, paint-spattered clothes and shoes, charcoal dust and more.
3. I like problem-solving.
4. I am fine with complete clue-less-ness on the way to revelation.
5. I relish making things I long to see but haven't yet seen.
6. I think artists' studios are fascinating places.
7. I can really think when I am alone.
8. I can really hear myself when I am alone.
9. I am addicted to being surprised (which happens a lot to one who is not able to do much planing in the studio.)
10. I believe making art helps me begin to understand the nuance and vastness of the world.
11. Making art helps me see that world is a whole lot stranger and therefore more wonderful, then most people know.
12. I think paint is one of the most amazing materials on earth--especially oil paint.
13. I believe not many materials record the barest movement of the human body in the way that oil paint does and has for hundreds of years, and I love the fact that paint is still not fully exhausted.
14. I believe I am in dialogue with all who have come before me and all who will come after me--quite a community.


Anonymous said...

I agree...there is nothing quite so soothing to the soul as being alone. :)

Maggie May said...

a beautiful list.