Monday, November 24, 2008

Taking apart

Good things do come from letting go--after what seemed like an eternity of ill-will toward the wall-sized collage adamantly stuck in its own hermetic self-knowledge, I simply took the thing apart on Friday. A small victory!

And today, I put it back together--in two new sections, one nearly complete and one very much recast and ready for a different, more assured direction.

I wish I didn't postpone the admission of failure--or I wish I more readily leaped to seeing failure as merely a non-working permutation of something eventual and better.

Note on these photos as of late: Being that finding my camera, taking a photo, uploading it onto my computer, formatting it for the blog, and then uploading it onto my blog--on a regular basis--takes time I just don't have, I have resorted to the natty little camera IN my computer...definitely not one of those lovely food blog photos I adore...forgive me for the moment. When the semester concludes, I'll ratchet it up!

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