Thursday, November 6, 2008

State of the Studio

Newly organized, 2 recently made canvases stretched and waiting PVA size, finally new box of kombucha tea: full pot at the ready, kind of seeming like a treehouse (up high, beautiful fall light streaming in through my wall of windows!), getting ready.


Stephen Popadich said...

Really enjoyed reading all that is written. This blog is a great idea. I very much liked the list of "abstraction". It would seem that abstraction itself is undefinable yet in the making defined. I guess I could see it as a blind person telling michelangelo how to paint the Sistine chapel. And how much it would not matter if the blind man was 40 feet away or 2 feet away. The blind man would define the space by his surroundings. Scaffolding, brushes, and an annoying pope. I feel that the ceiling would take on a very interesting look. possibly abstract. ok well the blog looks great. excited to hear what happens next.

Maggie May said...

kombucha is amazing. amazing health benefits, and expensive!