Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sergej Jensen

Are these good?  I keep going back and forth. 


Garima said...

i looked up sergei jensen just now and saw that some of his pieces are quite large... 6-8 feet or more... I am guessing the images you posted are enormous as well. I do like them. Initially they felt tiny... like little embroidered handkerchiefs-- nostalgic, sad, and bubbly. With the change in scale they become eerier for me... I guess that is one major drawback of digital... it is hard to picture scale. Have you seen his work in person?
I think this snow tiger piece is his as well! The tiger is holding a book with the word 'Fear' scribbled on it... http://brask-art-blog.blogspot.com/2008/09/sergei-jensen.html

Garima said...

Actually "Fear and Trembling" (I magnified).

annamaria said...

Hi Barbara, I discovered your blog last night and read and read and read...and looked (of course). I love your thoughts and your work- it just moves me and delights me- and it was about this thing called serendipity- I have had a very 'confused'painting year,actually a few years, and your words suddenly untangled some 'knots' in my thinking- thank you-