Monday, October 31, 2011

Learning to (read, look, name, invent)

My first grade son brought the-above sheet home from school last week containing lists of words.  I love these lists!  (And I can't help but think there is an equivalent studio exercise for me here.)  He continues his immersion in the remarkable state of "learning to read and write."  As I watch him gather more and more words EACH DAY, I try to recall my own state of in-between--the in-between of not-knowing and knowing what words mean.  I do remember first grade some and I do remember feeling giddy about the elaborate, never ending gift of being able to read words, and then whole books!

My second son is in his own place of discovery--no less wonderful to behold.  I watch him as he stares at his own hand.  He gets that this hand is his hand I think.  But he is still trying to unlock the mystical connection between his hand and his hand moving where he wants it to move.  Every day yields a little more progress on that front.

Both remind me of the importance, and the poignance, and the hard work of existing IN the in-between of not-knowing and knowing


annamaria said...

Enjoy it all! Their discoveries are so very precious- One of mine is just about to move out tomorrow. She will be turning twenty one next month so it's how it should be really. I have been reading 'The Daybook', since I found it mentioned here so often- Thank you,
it's a real treat, and 'just the thing' for these days-

Sharon said...

I remember Anna doing this out loud when she was learning to talk. Trying out different endings to each word - like a poem. She's recently entered a new phase, discovering that she can make actual representations with pen and paper: faces, then bodies, then more and more embellishments. Trying out this, then that. What fun to see the development!

suzanne cabrera said...

I love what you've written here Barbara! Each day my heart both jumps and drops as the boys discover new things, and simultaneously show signs of growing up. It's encouraging to think that while they may never be quite as fascinated with their hands again, they will one day make beautiful lists like this.

Hope you and your boys are doing well! Here's to a blessed life!