Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Purple and pecans

The one draw back in spending time at a residency is that one is temporarily ruined when it comes to returning to the more mundane aspects of being an artist.  I've got an exhibition statement that must get written, should have been written yesterday (it's only 2 paragraphs!!!) but I cannot settle myself enough to write it.  Or perhaps the problem is I am having great difficulty pulling my head around to the kind of explication necessary in such a statement--wholly different from making the work.
Today I determined it would be a good idea to work in the studio first for awhile and then move on to the writing--but now I just want to read my favorite food blogs.  That task being accomplished with sufficient slowness, I better get back to it...
(I took this picture over the weekend.  The pecans are falling all around us with gusto--I am determined to have enough for a pecan pie come Thanksgiving.)

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Ellen Campbell said...

I remember Aunt Margie told me that the Murdoch's took their pecans somewhere to be husked. Might be worth looking into, since they are buggers to crack and pick the meat from. How neat is that-a pecan pie from your own trees. I would like one for Christmas dinner as well!