Thursday, November 12, 2009

Notes on Line

 1. mark, stroke; border
Synonyms: band, bar, borderline, boundary, channel, configuration, contour, crease, dash, delineation, demarcation, edge, figuration, figure, frontier, furrow, groove, limit, lineament, lineation, outline, profile, rule, score, scratch, silhouette, streak, stripe, tracing, underline, wrinkle
2. row, succession; course
Synonyms: arrangement, array, axis, band, block, border, catalogue, channel, column, concatenation, crack, direction, division, drain, echelon, file, fissure, formation, furrow, groove, group, lane, length, list, magazine, mark, order, path, progression, queue, rank, ridge, road, route, row, scar, seam, sequence, series, street, string, thread, tier, track, train, trajectory, trench, way
3. cord, rope
Synonyms: cable, filament, strand, string, thread, wire
4. belief, policy
Synonyms: approach, avenue, course, course of action, ideology, method, polity, position, practice, principle, procedure, program, route, scheme, system
5. border, mark
Synonyms: abut, adjoin, align, allineate, array, bound, butt against, communicate, crease, cut, delineate, draw, edge, fix, follow, fringe, furrow, group, inscribe, join, line up, march, marshal, neighbor, order, ordinate, outline, place, queue, range, rank, rim, rule, score, skirt, touch, trace, underline, verge
6. put covering inside object
Synonyms: bush, ceil, cover, encrust, face, fill, incrust, interline, overlay, panel, quilt, reinforce, sheath, stuff, wad, wainscot
7. channel
Synonyms: avenue, boulevard, canal, conduit, corridor, course, duct, highway, line, passage, pathway, road, route, sewer, thoroughfare, track, tube, way
Notes: arteries carry clean oxygenated blood from the heart, veins return impure blood back to the heart, and capillaries connect the ends of arteries to the beginnings of veins
8. something which encircles
Synonyms: bandage, bandeau, belt, binding, bond, braid, cable, chain, circle, circuit, copula, cord, fillet, harness, hoop, ligature, line, link, manacle, ribbon, ring, rope, sash, scarf, shackle, snood, stay, strap, string, strip, tape, tie, truss
9. row or tier of objects
Synonyms: array, dashboard, group, line, rank, row, sequence, series, succession
10. outermost edge, margin
Synonyms: bound, boundary, bounds, brim, brink, circumference, confine, end, extremity, fringe, hem, limit, line, lip, outskirt, perimeter, periphery, rim, selvage, skirt, trim, trimming, verge
11. boundary; frontier
Synonyms: beginning, borderline, door, edge, entrance, line, march, marchland, outpost, pale, perimeter, sideline, threshold