Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thinking spaces

I gather there exists a small industry which generates and provides pictures, beach-inspired textiles and more to beach houses.

I wonder what the designer(s) think about when they are designing for such spaces.

I understand all the shells and starfish and variations of blue and tan.

But this space, my little room of the week, has been such a lovely place for thinking and reading and being alone--and I like the notion of some designer sitting and mulling over how, just how might she design draperies and images and wall coverings conducive to a thinking space coincidentally residing near the ocean.

I am thinking of using a swath/stripe of the bedspread here in a painting soon to go into a gallery space in Memphis.


garima said...

i do so love coming to your blog barbara. i showed it to my mother a few days and she was captivated by the seamless presence of art near the everyday.

Barbara Campbell Thomas said...

thanks Garima!!! Sure do miss you!

Ellen Campbell said...

I am glad you found inspiration in your room...