Saturday, December 20, 2008

Farmer's Market Finds

Alexander and I arrived at the Farmer's Market late today--but not so late to prevent us from picking up the last two stalks of brussels sprouts from John of Weatherhand Farm. While Christopher has a fantastic recipe for brussels sprouts (one that actually makes me want to DEVOUR them), I must confess my first impulse toward buying these was aesthetic.


Anonymous said...

They are rather beautiful, aren't they? We've gotten away from growing them, for some reason. Will have to grow them again next year.

Tamra Hunt said...

I agree on the aesthetics of the asparagus...very beautiful indeed. Now all you need are bright orange carrots in the picture. I tend to be fascinated by their color. I hope you enjoyed Chris's recipe.

Tamra Hunt said...

I meant to say brussel sprouts. I must have asparagus on the brain :-)