Thursday, June 6, 2013

Right now in the studio

I have a number of studio goals this summer--one being a re-opening of THIS space, which for a few years was a helpful record of painting ideas.   And then I had a baby.

But somehow that baby is nearly two, and I think I am finally regaining my equilibrium on a lot of levels.

So to re-begin, I'm posting some pictures of the studio today.  

Some of the things I am looking at include the Byzantine mosaics at Santa Prassede in Rome--which I saw last summer--and the mosaics in Ravenna (which I hope to visit next summer....).  The notion of building an image piece by piece, shape by shape--one shape pushed up next to another--is a potent visual and conceptual idea for me.  Underlying the idea is the possibility that such building relationships could, in theory, continue on forever...bit by bit, piece by piece, slowly, slowly.  Simple relationships that become complex by virtue of infinite accumulation are the base off of which I jump these days.

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