Friday, May 20, 2011


It is 8:15 as I write.
I am still in my walking clothes.  Chris is making an omelette for us both--with broccoli from the garden.  Just-cut broccoli is a revelation; I didn't know it tasted that much better than broccoli in any other state of being!  We have no place to go but our studios today.
It is our summer--finally.  Grades are posted, classes are ended, so the business of full-time studio work can really begin.  Last week I returned from my third residency at the Hambidge Center for the Arts, a fitting beginning for summer.  I focused on small collages, and so I spent a lot of time sitting at the desk pictured above.  From my perch in Hambidge's light-filled Garden Cottage, I made a slew of collages which have helped me think through how to approach some bigger paintings I think, some bigger collages too--we'll see of course.   For now I can breathe deeply and relish this season's beginning.

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