Thursday, January 27, 2011

Notes from Artist Statements: 2001

•In painting, I am interested in the body’s immobility.  But I look to a bodily stasis whose cause is rooted in reverie or fascination.
•The whole body apparently turns toward the place of fascination, or what I call the longed-for object, and then remains there, transfixed and longing.
The perceived vastness justifies the longing but never explicates it, and so longing continues. 
I am human, and I want something palpable, and I want to make images, so first I image the body’s stillness. 
Secondly I imagine what is seen.  A sort of explosion.  A clearing space.  A never ending area.  Maybe the place at the top of a great height.  That which should not go together goes together.
My paintings move alongside these experiences.

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