Thursday, June 17, 2010

Columbia Drawing Intensive/Day 1 (Morning)

I have the extreme good fortune to be friends with a fantastic artist named Sara Schneckloth; we were serendipitously thrown into a two-person exhibition together several years back--I still remember the fun we had installing our work side by side for two days.  Sara is a joy and a great organizer of like-minded folks.  She is the founder and organizer of the Columbia Drawing Intensive--a four day mini-residency of seven artists, JUST begun.  We are currently ensconced in her lovely home, scattered about at different tables inside and out.

I arrived yesterday and claimed this little loft on the second floor.  As I took a bus down to Columbia, I was given the not unwelcome challenge of packing a portable studio in my suitcase.  In the above photo you can see my loft studio AND my supplies--nearly all of them packed carefully into a box.  I will post highlights over the next couple days.  I am giddy at the possibilities of conversation and work while here!

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Ellen Campbell said...

What an amazing opportunity...and what a perfect place to do it!