Monday, March 15, 2010

Mark and function

I love a good hand-painted sign.  There is something so utterly satisfying and visually appealing about a hand-made mark joined up with utilitarian function.  When I was an undergraduate art student, I used to take pictures of all the hot pink marks scattered (with such intention) over sidewalks by work people needing to designate pipes or other utility lines; in a way they seemed to be an abstract painting broken apart and strewn about the world. 
I walk past this "No Trespassing" sign several times a week, and I must confess I have such a visceral draw to it that I've day-dreamed about creeping out in the dead of night and taking it (so I can have it--a feeling I often have of paintings I really love).  Of course I won't steal the sign.  Actually, if I took the painting, I'd rob the object/image of one of its principle qualities of success--its function.

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