Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Best of It, Kay Ryan

However carved up
or pared down we get,
we keep on making 
the best of it as though
it doesn't matter that 
our acre's down to a square foot.  As 
though our garden 
could be one bean
and we'd rejoice if 
it flourishes, as
though one bean 
could nourish us. 

So many people I know are running a million miles an hour right about now--which I why this is the poem I am handing out to my Variable Topics in Drawing students for our period of writing today.  I already know how resilient we (individually and collectively) might be, but sometimes I wonder if constant displays of that resilience/adaptation as a means of getting through a frenetic moment/day/life is really an evolved and positive human characteristic.


Ellen Campbell said...

no I am not sure it is....

suzanne cabrera said...

Barbara---I love this poem. Describes exactly how I feel at the moment. Thanks for sharing.