Sunday, January 31, 2010

Old studio wall

I am in the midst of prepping/revising/updating my artists talk--have to give one this coming Tuesday evening in Tennessee.
The process has me searching for some old images and while looking I found these two shots of an old studio wall of mine--I think this is 2006?
(I miss my old, beautiful studio.  Look at all that light!)
More importantly though, I'm happy to see some nice moments in these images--they remind me to get back to making more true collage fragments--bits and pieces made in the studio and meant to stay in the studio.  I've so "formalized" collage in my studio practice over the last couple years that I've somewhat forgotten the delightful informality of the medium.
(Funny...I recall making this wall.  I was pretty confused at the time...didn't quite know what to do in painting.  There was more going on than I knew.)

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