Friday, August 7, 2009

The studio gathers

I am the least handy person imaginable. While I've been around my fair share of artists who need-a-new-staircase-or-floor-so-heck-I'll-just-build-one, I grow highly stressed when faced with the prospect of building a stretcher bar. (This dreaded activity is something I've gotten out of since my second year of grad school--thankfully--and now I just don't need them...) So pulling a pretty rough space into a workable studio this last month has caused all sorts of agony--and all I've really done is clean and paint and organize. Nevertheless, once the floor is power washed over the weekend, I'll finally be able to begin work.

I've got the wall I'll be working on fully lit--will be the space of an installation I envision--a continuation of the EUC project with Bryan.

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