Thursday, May 28, 2009

Watercolor grids

In the past week or so, my studio has turned over--from a space centered on production to a space centered on inquiry. An utter disdain or, more aptly, revulsion toward perpetuating what I make by simply making more (just to make more) in tandem with a move out of my typical studio to a new space necessitates a different approach.

The inclinations toward expanded notions/definitions of painting remains.

Some fixations and their manifestations:

1. materiality--how is materiality exploited/used to it's fullness and how does the nature of any given material dictate my movements/my use? Manifestation: grid paintings which seem the beginning exploration of engagement with the expanse (wall, paper, surface)
2. engagement with the expanse--how do I engage the actual expanse of the wall as well as the surface of paper, canvas, cardboard boxes, cloth, etc. Does covering change if the substrate changes? Can any given substrate have a myriad of approaches and might differences enunciate equally? Manifestation: Grids constructed in a piecemeal manner over the wall--parts painted, parts collaged, parts extending into the space
3. methods of making/creating rules out of inclinations and following them through to see what happens Manifestation: made up rules, new ones arriving each day out of working
4. painting practice as being comprised of numerous activities--not one being THE manner Manifestation: rule making, alternate substrates, fluctuation between collage and painting/the two mediums conditioning the other, writing, blogging, writing words

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