Monday, April 20, 2009


The problem with having a blog is its inherent assertion of "I know something and now I am going to tell you what I know." When the subject of said blog is one's own work, one's own studio, one's own life--well then, what happens when the writer herself is in the dark.

I speak of course of those intermediary times--in between comprehension/knowing and say, a half-breathe.

And what about when, for the time being, the half-breathe is more interesting than comprehension.

Maybe the half-breathe is all that is possible at the moment--and so it's intrigue is unreliable, a lure away from staying, plodding, pushing forward.

Here are some photos from the studio as it stands--or teeters.

(Yes teetering, or sitting precariously.)

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Ellen Campbell said...

The one surety with teetering is that we know it will tip, one way or another. Enjoy the midair...