Tuesday, March 10, 2009

List of significant studio actions and/or notations (or observations) as means toward understanding (in progress)

1. painting as covering
2. painting as description
3. painting as invention
4. painting as a means of my understanding
5. collage as insurance of difference
6. collage as means of meeting
7. collage as affirmation of accumulation
8. collage as invention
9. collage as confusion
10. collage as unexpected discovery
11. painting as wrestling
12. painting as affirmation of clumsiness
13. painting as action
14. collage as action
15. painting as celebration of clumsiness
16. painting as redefinition
17. painting as confluence of space and time (?) (across space and time)
18. painting as marker of physical space
19. painting as measurement of my movement
20. painting as expanse
21. collage as perpetual ruptured expanse
22. collage as incising
23. collage as painting (but taken apart)
24. painting as not enough and so engendering/enacting/creating...
25. painting as thinking

1 comment:

garima said...

what a great list barbara!

painting as an affirmation and celebration of clumsiness--i agree with that (it reminds me also of the ideas exchanged between mariam and chris after j. elkin's talk--a painting being lost vs. evoking the feeling of being lost). i don't know whether i myself practice being lost enough in a way that could facilitate the unraveling of my studio process ... it is interesting to consider what being clumsy means outside the art community--its appreciation would be the embodiment of tolerance.